The Wesley Heritage Foundation, Inc. (WHF) was chartered in 1990 with a call from God to promote the thought, spirituality and practice of the Wesleyan revival among Spanish speakers. Its first major project was the translation, publication and distribution of a Spanish edition of the major writings of John Wesley. The result – Obras de Wesley – was completed in 2000 and now serves as an instrument of the Holy Spirit for the renewal of the Body of Christ among those who speak Spanish.

Since 2015 the Foundation has expanded its mission to include the development of new resources in Spanish to promote Wesleyan thought, spirituality and practice; consultation in theological and pastoral education; discipleship formation; and the assisting of Latino/a persons to create new Wesleyan reflections out of their own particular contexts.

In 2015, WHF developed the Institute for Wesley Studies – Latin America (Instituto de Estudios Wesleyanos – Latinoamérica or IEW) in order to have a “home base” in Latin America. The first office of IEW was in Lima, Peru. In 2017, the office of IEW was moved to San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Executive Director of IEW is Mr. Will Faircloth, who received his Master in Theological Studies from Duke University. Mr. Faircloth is a missionary with the Evangelical Methodist Church in Costa Rica and teaches at the Methodist seminary there. Now, most all of the translation and publication ministry of new Spanish resources in the Wesleyan tradition is being carried out by IEW, with WHF guiding this work and developing the financial resources to make this ministry possible. We invite you to visit the website of IEW at

Please also follow the work of IEW through its Facebook and Twitter.