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Obras de Wesley

Obras de Wesley, following the pattern of Wesley's own publications, is a 14 volume set that includes sermons, doctrinal treatises, Bible commentaries, faith and works spirituality, journals, and letters. In October 1998, at the completion of the publication of Obras de Wesley, 14 volumes, the General Editor, Justo L. Gonzalez, Ph.D., said: "For the first time, Wesley's works are available to the millions of people who speak Spanish. Wesley will be free to speak for himself, resulting in a more indigenous, authentic Methodist tradition developing among those who speak Spanish. I envision, in the time to come, some scholar yet unborn coming with new insight because of the work done to make available Wesley in Spanish."

Obras de Wesley is available as a free authorized download through IEW or as a CD-Rom containing the entire content of the 14 volumes in searchable and easy to use pdf format. Sometimes the original hardback books of Obras de Wesley can be found in part or as a whole set on Amazon or Ebay through independent sellers.

Obras de Wesley CD-ROM
Obras de Wesley is available on CD-ROM in .PDF format.
This CD contains the entire content of the 14 volumes in a format that is easy to navigate and search. $12 + $4 shipping (USD)



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Obras de Wesley
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The Wesley Heritage Foundation is pleased to offer Obras de Wesley as a free download through the El Instituto de Estudios Wesleyanos - Latinoamérica (IEWLA). Wesley Heritage Foundation as editor and distributor of this edition is the exclusive owner of the copyright, but now makes these important works available for the whole Church of Christ for educational purposes and personal study. For more information or to download this free authorized edition, please visit El Instituto de Estudios Wesleyanos.

Also available for free download, please see Estas Doctrinas Enseño Guía de Estudio para Las Obras de Wesley por Celsa Garrastegui y William Jones
(Study guide for Obras de Wesley by William Jones in Spanish) Español (.pdf)

Lift Up Your Voice: Hymns of Charles Wesley
Alza tu voz: Himnos de Charles Wesley
(Audio CD)
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Twenty-one of Charles Wesley's finest hymns, performed in English or in Spanish by the Choral Arts Society of Washington Chamber Singers.
-Recorded in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of WHF-

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El Metodista Pregunta, El Metodista Responde: Explorando la Fe Cristiana (Spanish Edition) by F. Belton Joyner

With its question and answer format and a clear, jargon-free language, this book is an excellent resource for learning about the United Methodist Church. F. Belton Joyner, Jr., a veteran pastor and popular author, introduces the reader to the prinicipal Methodist practices and beliefs through a series of seventy-eight questions and answers.

  • El Metodista Pregunta,
  • El Metodista Responde: Explorando la Fe Cristiana (Spanish Edition) by F. Belton Joyner
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“El Yugo de la Obediencia” (English: The Yoke of Obedience)

His short but very precise and significant book goes to the heart of the question, “what does ordination mean for ministers of Christ?” With a clear Biblical review of the role of those called to ordained ministry, and especially through an insightful analysis of Wesleyan history, the Reverend Dennis Campbell, Ph.D., provides a valuable resource for renewing our understanding of ordination in the Wesleyan tradition, centering his assessment on John Wesley’s phrase “a yoke of obedience.”

NOW available at Amazon in paperback and in Kindle format.

“Los himnos de Carlos Wesley: Un corazón para adorar a mi Dios” (English: The Hymns of Charles Wesley: A Heart to Praise my God)

Continuing WHF/IEW’s tradition of promoting Wesleyan spirituality, specifically through hymnody, this important book is the translation of Charles Wesley hymns/poetry into Spanish, with commentaries by the highly respected Wesleyan scholar S T Kimbrough. The book combines lyrics by Charles Wesley with an understanding of the theological and spiritual context which inspired Charles to write his poetry.  Dr. Kimbrough’s years of immersion in the thought and work of Charles Wesley create a unique contribution to this field, and one that will open the door to the richness of these hymns.  The book also serves as the foundation of a larger publication project, scheduled for 2020, including a CD of Wesleyan hymns, sheet music, and other resources. We are very grateful to Mr. Gerald Huff who is sponsoring this project.

NOW available in Amazon paperback and Kindle editions.

Juan Wesleypa Yachahisqankuna Qheswasimipi - Sermones de Juan Wesley en Quechua

In April of 2014, The Wesley Heritage Foundaiton and the Institute for Wesley Studies - Latin America (IEW) unveiled their publication entitled "John Wesleypa Yachachisqankuna Qheswasimipi ("Sermons of John Wesley in Quechua"). The 520-page book contains 27 sermons of Wesley in Quechua, a primary indigenous language of the Andean region of South America. Would Wesley ever imagined his sermons would be read in a language such as Quechua?!
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Sermones de Juan Wesley en Quechu
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Ciudadanos de otro Reino: Historia Social del Cristianismo Evangélico en el Perú

Ciudadanos de otro Reino: Historia Social del Cristianismo Evangélico en el Perú (Siglos XVI-XXI) is the result of intensive research into the history and political effect of the Evangelical Church in Peru. Author, Tomás Gutiérrez analyzes the influence of evangelical social action, groups and churches, pirates and Cosairs from the colonial period up to the twenty first century.

Ciudadanos de otro Reino:
Historia Social del Cristianismo Evangélico
en el Perú
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El Reto de Juan Wesley a los Metodistas de Hoy

This small book reproduces an interpretation by Dr. Gonzalo Báez Camargo to a group of Methodist youth in the 1950’s. In it, Báez Camargo explains in simple language the main characteristics of the Methodist movement originated by John Wesley.

El Reto
de Juan Wesley a los Metodistas de Hoy
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Soon-to-be-realeased books

“El bautismo en perspectiva wesleyana” (English: Baptism in the Wesleyan Perspective)

The centerpiece of this book is the “Treatise on Baptism” by John Wesley.  Based on the Bicentennial Edition of the original text, this translation makes available for the first time in Spanish Wesley’s own analysis of the meaning and practice of baptism. Complementing the Treatise are short pieces by contemporary theologians and pastors with years of experience in Spanish-speaking branches of the Wesleyan family. Finally, as a practical component, the book includes a sampling of baptismal liturgies from various Wesleyan churches, including the Church of the Nazarene, the Wesleyan Church and the United Methodist Church.  This rich and varied work will surely promote conversation and clarity about baptism in the Spanish-speaking world, where the subject is often “energetically” debated.

*Sermones de Juan Wesley, Tomo 3 (English: The Sermons of John Wesley, Volume 3)

The first major project of the Wesley Heritage Foundation, beginning over 25 years ago, was the translation of the Works of Wesley in Spanish, Obras de Wesley. This project consists of 14 hardback, academic volumes of the Works of Wesley, including four volumes of sermons. Several years ago WHF did some editing of the sermon volumes of Obras and published them in a paperback “popular” edition, putting the four volumes of sermons into two volumes. This new project of sermons, Volume 3, will include about 35 sermons of John Wesley translated into Spanish for the first time. This book will be available in 2020. WHF/IEW will also publish another 35 sermons never before translated into Spanish as Volume 4, to be available in 2022. All sermons will be translated from the Bicentennial Edition of Wesley’s Works. We are grateful to Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina for their sponsorship of Volume 3.

“Wesley para teólogos principiantes” (English: Wesley for Armchair Theologians)

With typically engaging style, Dr. William Abraham gives us a clear but rich introduction to the main lines of John Wesley’s thought, including areas that have been unclear or polemical over the years.  This notable work, combined with charming illustrations, will be a valuable resource to all Spanish speakers who seek to learn more about Wesley as “armchair theologians.” We are grateful to Dr. Abraham, who is also the financial sponsor of this project. 

El sermón del monte de Jesús, por el reverendo John Wesley, con comentario de Mark W. Wethington

This book is being written by the President of WHF in memory and honor of his father, L. Elbert Wethington, the first President of WHF. Wethington includes a commentary on each of Wesley's 13 sermons, which focus on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. In so many ways Elbert Wethington lived out the Sermon on the Mount, and this book pays reverent tribute to his life and ministry.